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Good Counsel Careers
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Sometime in early 2024, you will be able to find the Good Counsel Careers’ elements within a course on the Homeschool Connections (HSC) Unlimited Access platform. Subscriptions to HSC can be found at:

Due to this pending transition, no new subscriptions are available to Good Counsel Careers. All current subscriptions will not be renewed, and no other payments will be processed by GCC. Rest assured, current subscribers will have full access to the GCC site until their currently paid subscription expires. Further information on subscription expirations can be found within your account at:

About Good Counsel Careers

Find your path. grow your Faith.

Good Counsel Careers focuses on transforming students from uncertainty in their direction to young men and women confident in their vocational path. No longer aimless, students will assess their strengths, weaknesses, and desires and forge ahead, identifying opportunities God has placed on their hearts. By providing access to models of Catholic leaders, Good Counsel Careers will show students that what was once possible is now quite probable.

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Good Counsel Careers

Meet the Team

Maureen Wittmann


Walter Crawford


Jason Negri, J.D.


Tammy Parker

Executive Director

Helping students...

look forward to their future | answer... "What are you doing after graduation?" | visualize their future path | efficiently explore career options | actualize a plan forward | find God's call for their vocation
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