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Professional Photographer

Victoria Cerise

Wedding and Portrait Photographer
Specializes in capturing the beautiful sacrament of Catholic weddings and marriage.
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Victoria Cerise...Professional Photographer | Victoria Cerise... Entrepreneur | Victoria Cerise... Wedding Photographer | Victoria Cerise... Catholic

My name is Victoria Cerise and I am a Catholic wedding photographer! Would you believe me if I told you I also actually have a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing?! I actually worked as an Emergency Department nurse!

During college, I took a film photography class as an elective and absolutely loved it. My professor even mentioned how I should strongly consider a career in photography. But I dove headfirst into nursing school, and put my camera away for a couple of years.

One day, I mentioned to my husband Steven how much I missed photography and how I really wanted to buy a new lens. Shortly after, he bought me my first "fancy" lens and, when it arrived, a spark re-ignited in me! I have been hooked again ever since, and I am so happy to do this full-time now!

I love capturing the beauty with Catholicism and of Catholic marriages! In my spare time, I love being a homemaker, playing the ukulele, and spending time with my husband and two dogs.



Patrick Jones - Course author

Victoria Cerise

My biggest piece of advice is a quote by St. Catherine of Siena, "Be who God created you to be, and you will set the world on fire."

So many people will have opinions on what you should do (or what is more "stable" of a career), but if it is something you are passionate about - and it's God's will for your life - pursue it wholeheartedly.

If you put in the hard work, aim to glorify God in all that you do, and honor the vocation you enter, you will be unstoppable. 
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