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Tim Patton

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Tim Patton... Entrepreneur | Tim Patton... Banker | Tim Patton... Venture Capitalist | Tim Patton... "Pursue your passions, the money will follow." | Tim Patton... Husband | Tim Patton... Catholic

I had an internship in college that gave me a leg up for the rest of my career. I married over my head and live every day to reach for the standards that my wife sets for Faith, Family, and Friends. Fields that have high growth and high profit margins provide tremendous opportunity. Don’t be afraid to relocate for an opportunity. A change of venue is good for your career and your family.



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Tim Patton

"Career success is so simple in our capitalistic country. Work hard, never cheat or steal from anyone. Get mentors to guide you. Pursue your passions, the money will follow."
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