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Professional Mentor Associates

Accountability Mentoring
Student Consulting
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Why this Service?

  • Accountability Mentoring
  • High School Credits Planning
  • Transcript Consulting

Grow in Self-Discipline

Focus on what is important and take charge of your own schedule.

Learn to use your time wisely with new habits, tools, tips and guidance. 

Mentors are a Guide

All of PMA's mentors have experience working with students who struggle. Professional Mentor Associates has a specific system and a caring approach that blend well to assist students. PMA can help!

Professional Mentor Associates

PMA's Mission:
We strive to meet each person where they are at
inspire them to achieve the most they can.
PMA's mentoring approach...
inspire, encourage, and organize!
It is their hope to build strong relationships while each:
  • follow God's calling
  • be kind and helpful to our families and each other
  • strive for the best
  • recognize the unique gifts given by God to each of us
  • see the value in ourselves AND others
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