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Mark Wilson 

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     Mark Wilson is an architect, industrial designer and entrepreneur with 40 years of international experience. He studied in both American and Italian universities. He worked in both countries where he acquired cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and cross-industry skills a specialist rarely if ever acquires. These skills were developed by applying knowledge of materials and production processes used in furniture, yacht, product and architectural disciplines. He has repeatedly capitalized on this know-how by applying techniques from one field to that of another where these techniques are rarely known or employed. 
   From the Italian school and his work with Pierluigi Spadolini, Mark learned how to do comprehensive research in an efficient and timely manner. He credits these research skills as the means to develop innovative design solutions yielding important intellectual property. Mark believes anyone who learns this approach will achieve similar results and is a strong advocate of teaching this approach in both the design and business fields. Having the ability to make connections (i.e. cross-culture, cross-disciplinary and cross-industry advantages) results in superior products and buildings with characteristics, features and benefits of increased, and sometime exceptional value.
     Investors who recognized this unique skill set have invested in companies founded as a result of products Mark has developed. Mark has raised, capital, organized large collaborative efforts with employees and consultants and has written go-to-market strategies that are as innovative as the products. He is skilled at solving and managing complex problems and processes in order for the vision of the end product or building to be realized.
Fully cognizant of the need to be as competitive as possible in the market place, Mark not only looks at every detail and component of a product to assure its manufacturing is a cost effective as possible, but applies the same “design thinking” regarding the marketing and sales strategies. This assures clients and investors that they are making the best use of funds and that the finished product or building is as competitive as can be.



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Mark Wilson

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