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Car Hauler

Kurt Crandell

Logistics Tradesman
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Kurt Crandall... Logistics Tradesman | Kurt Crandall... Car Hauler | Kurt Crandall... Resilient | Kurt Crandall... Catholic

I am a guy who likes to be on the move. I like to be challenged in my day to day job. Our job is a whole lot easier today than it was 23 years ago when I was getting my start. We have GPS and satellite pictures we can look at to see our destination before we even leave home.
But it is still a challenge to fit different vehicles on your truck to make them easier to get back off the truck as you start making your deliveries. It is not a job for the faint of heart. It looks easy from a distance but when you are on your own for the first time, suddenly you second guess everything you thought you knew. You can’t be too long, too high or too heavy. It is your job to know all of these things.



Patrick Jones - Course author

Kurt Crandell 

"Don’t be discouraged if you fail. Sometimes we have to fail to learn a lesson, or maybe God wants to teach us humility. If you fail. Pick yourself up, dust yourselves off and try again. The right road is not necessarily the easy road. It’s called perseverance."
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