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Director of Technology

Kevin J. Galbraith Sr.


Provides executive or senior management (C-Level) and oversight of organizational resources and employees, ensuring all Information Technology operations function optimally.  Responsible for shared vision, goals, planning and strategy, budget, project management, professional development, and departmental communications.

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Kevin J. Galbraith Sr... IT -> Information Technology | Kevin J. Galbraith Sr... Director of Technology (CIO/CTO) | Kevin J. Galbraith Sr... "I.T. is more about people than technology." | Kevin J. Galbraith Sr... Project Manager | Kevin J. Galbraith Sr... "Don't forget, it's all 1's and 0's." | Kevin J. Galbraith Sr...Responsible for shared vision, goals, planning, and strategy. | Kevin J. Galbraith Sr... Catholic

"I've always been interested in math and science; they provide the structure or framework for how things in the world around us work. I'm a curious person and have been told I ask a lot of questions. I've also been told that I'm extremely extroverted. I love to meet people and talk to them.

I was born when computers were unobtainable for individuals and I grew up benefitting from the changes in American education that followed the Soviet launch of Sputnik. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs reshaped the world I was growing up in, much like pioneers in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are today. At times I think I was just blessed to have been born when I was, with an interest and an aptitude for things technology-related.

I had an opportunity to attend college and chose computer science as a field of study. I was working full-time in the evenings, while attending classes during the day. My first job was as a technician on a mainframe computer, supporting scientists who used satellite images in their work. As mind-blowing as that was for me at the time, I took a break to focus on my classes and ended up teaching logic and introduction to computer programming the next summer at a camp for teens. That experience changed my life as I returned to school in the fall and switched my major to education.

Years later I was teaching 1st grade and the school I worked for purchased a class-set of personal computers creating a computer lab. Ten years later, I was hired as the very first Executive Director of Technology at the district I'd graduated from years before. Now, nearly 40 years after I started teaching, I'm still learning new things almost every day, working with technology to help people learn and do more, hoping to make their lives better."



Patrick Jones - Course author

Kevin J. Galbraith Sr. 

"I.T. is more about people than technology. New features, faster speeds, and emerging technologies are great, but what IT leaders really need to be asking is how will these changes make the lives of everyone better? Will it make them more productive? Keep them safer? Be more engaging? Is it safe and stable? To make these decisions, you have to know and understand people, all kinds of people, employees and customers, their needs, fears, and motivations.

Don't forget, it's all 1's and 0's."
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