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John C. Heinen

Vice President of Marketing
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John C. Heinen... Vice President of Marketing | John C. Heinen... Public Relations | John C. Heinen... Growth Initiatives | John C. Heinen... Company Operations | John C. Heinen... Client Strategies | John C. Heinen... Campaign Goals |  John C. Heinen... Catholic

As the Vice President of Fuzati, I lead company growth initiatives, internal company operations, and manage employees. In addition, I also manage client strategy, campaign goals, execution of campaigns, and optimization to assure success. Fuzati is the premier Catholic marketing and technology firm, it was created to address the needs of many Catholic organizations: to utilize the best technology, marketing, and design to stimulate growth and open new opportunities. Our staff is passionate about helping our clients make an impact and rely upon a diverse set of skills - from technology and design to public relations and marketing.



Patrick Jones - Course author

John C. Heinen

"Your career does not define you. Stay focused on the virtue of labor, the talents God has entrusted you with, and His will to direct your journey. All of your failures and successes bring with them the privilege to learn, grow in wisdom, and necessary experience for a better you more capable of serving others."
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