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Career Explorations

Journey toward your future with confidence.
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Why Career Explorations?

Discovering a career path can seem daunting. Through videos, articles, journaling, prayer, reflection, and investigation, you can espy, or “catch sight of,” where God is leading you.

Released one unit per week, this resource encourages you to take the time to truly discover that God has a plan for you and what that may possibly be. He has given each of us with our own unique a personality, interests, skills, talents, & charisms.

While investigating various careers, and discovering the education, training, & skills needed to succeed in those careers, you will seek Him and discover possibilities for your lifelong journey.

Utilize Career Explorations to productively inquire while building valuable habits to move toward your future with greater confidence.
  • 15 Units
  • Videos, Slides, and Articles
  • Investigation Resources & Tools
  • Journaling & Reflection Prompts
  • Utilizes Self-Assessment Tools

Your Path

This is your path!
Through this multi-week exploration,
which gives you the resources,
advice, tools, and know-how,
you can discover and follow
the path God has in store for you.

Your Goals

Learn the how, why, & where of
truly assessing yourself,
reflecting on what you discover, &
investigating options,
with the goal in mind to match what you learn with various career paths.

Career Explorations

Meet your Guide...

Tammy Parker

Tammy Parker is the founder of PMA (Professional Mentor Associates), which offers Accountability Mentoring and Life Coaching.

Over the past thirty years, in addition to homeschooling her six children, she has educated a plethora of students. Tammy is also 
the Executive Director of Good Counsel Careers and an instructor for Homeschool Connections, specializing in Mathematics, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, Literature, and Logic.

Early in life, Tammy obtained a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Michigan State University, working directly in this field. As her true passion for education and mentoring became evident, she began sharing her experience and expertise to help others succeed and ignite their own passion for becoming lifelong learners.
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